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    Commemorative Poppy Seed Mix

    Commemorative Poppy Seeds Mix
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Welcome To Landlife Wildflowers Seed Suppliers

We are part of environment charity Landlife, founders of the National Wildflower Centre on Merseyside.

We grow and supply native UK Seeds and wildflower seeds in small or large quantities to anywhere in the UK mainland. We can help you to make new places for wildflowers and wildlife almost anywhere on a large or small scale. Our UK wildflower seeds experts can also give you advice and support to get you started. 

Please Note: We can ONLY supply wildflower seeds to the UK mainland.

All proceeds from the sale of goods in this store support our national creative wildflower conservation projects.

All our UK Wildflower Seeds stock is from a known British origin, sourced originally from the wild. Landlife Wildflowers Conservation Mixes comply with all the requirements under Defra’s Fodder Plant Seed (England) Regulations 2002 (as amended). To maintain the integrity of our cultivated wildflower stock, seed may periodically be collected under licence.

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Signature Wild Flower Seed Mix

Signature Wild Flower Seed Mix

£3.33 (£4.00 inc VAT)