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Cornfield Annual Seed Mixtures

Our Cornfield Annual Wild Flower Seed Mixtures are very easy to grow in a sunny spot, creating a stunning effect with blues, pinks, yellows, whites and reds. They can be mixed with any of our perennial meadow wild flower seed mixes at a ratio of 2 parts annuals to 1 part perennials to give first year colour or sown on their own for a colour filled area.

£5.00 (£6.00 inc VAT)
In stock
Classic Wild Flower Seed Mix Description White Chamomile really lifts the colours in this wild flower seed mix. Because of high wild flower... More

£4.17 (£5.00 inc VAT)
In stock
The Commemorative Poppy Flower Seeds Mix is a new mix specially created to commemorate the the 100th Anniversary of the 1914-18 World War. We have... More

£3.33 (£4.00 inc VAT)
In stock
Our seed company best selling Wild Flower Corn‹field Mix now includes Corn Chamomile Seeds. Sow at 5gm2. Mixture Composition 60%... More