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Make Your Own Annuals Mixes

Many gardeners love to make up their own annual seed mixes to see what happens!  As you become more confident of using annuals mixes and when to sow, you can prolong the flowering season by succession sowing in Spring and Autumn.

Repeated sowing each year in the same spot will also help self seeding of annuals.  BUT REMEMBER – if you have sown annuals with perennial seed as a mix, you must not disturb the area after flowering.  The perennials germinate more slowly and  do not welcome disturbance.

Please Note: We can ONLY supply wild flower UK seeds to mainland UK. Choose & buy seed for your garden online today.


Corncockle Flower Seeds

CODE: WF00020

£1.08 (£1.30 inc VAT)
In stock
Corncockle Flower Seeds Description The wild flowers are reddish-purple and solitary with undivided petals. Once a common weed in the... More

Cornflower Flower Seeds

CODE: WF00022

£1.08 (£1.30 inc VAT)
In stock
Cornflower Flower Seeds Description A once common annual weed of cornfields and waste places, now rarely seen. Bright blue wild flowers... More