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Traditional Meadow Wild Flower Seed Mix

Traditional Meadow Wild Flower Seed Mix


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Perennial wild flower meadow mix for medium to heavy soils. Sow wild flower seeds at 1g per m2.

Wild Flower Seed Mixture Composition

18% Lesser Knapweed seeds, 30% Meadow Buttercup seeds, 5% Meadowsweet seeds, 20% Red Campion seeds, 10% Ribwort Plantain seeds, 3% Self Heal seeds, 5% Teasel seeds, 5% White Campion seeds, 4% Yarrow seeds.

How much wild flower seed will I need?

Please Note: We can ONLY supply wild flower UK seeds to mainland UK. Choose & buy seed for your garden online today from our seed company website.

Looking for a selection of wildflower seeds to create the perfect wildflower habitat? Did you know about our ranges of wild flower seeds found in the wild flower mixes section of the website? As well as single species wild flower seeds, we also offer a range of ready-made wild flower mixes. Alternatively you can also create your own wild flower meadow mixes. These packs offer great value for money and can create a colourful wildflower habitat in any garden our outdoor space.