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Betony Flower Seeds

Betony Flower Seeds

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Betony Flower Seeds Description

A native perennial wildflower common in England and Wales, usually on light soils, in open woods, grassland and hedgerows.

Spikes of red-purple wild flowers are produced on long slender stems growing from a rosette of crinklend leaves.

Wildflower Height: 15-60 cm (6 - 24in)

Wildflower Planting site: Light, well drained soils.

Perennial: Wildflower flowers June to Sept.

Good for  bees and butterflies.

Many butterflies and other insects depend on our disappearing native wild flower plants. 

By creating a wildlife area in your garden and growing native wildflowers, you will produce an attractive habitat for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife.

Flower Seeds: 700 per gram

How much Betony flower seed will I need?

Please Note: Landlife Wildflowers seed suppliers can ONLY supply wild flower UK seeds to mainland UK. Choose & buy flower seed for your garden online today.

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